What’s Special About Cappadocia, Turkey?

Cappadocia or spelled as “kapadokya” makes it one of the most popular place in the world to experience Hot Air Balloon which starts from hotel pick-up at 4:00am and drop -off at 8:30am. The ride will take 60mins. You will be hypnotized by the spectacular sunrise and fairy chimneys, rock formations, vineyards, orchards & houses. This place is featured to some International films.

dsc_0467-1We booked through Turco Travel agency for 115$ per person. The Hot Air Balloon in Cappdocia is cheaper compared to Clark Pampamga Philippines, Dubai or Bagan Myanmar based on my research for the cost. The trip starts at 4:00am hotel pick up and we drove to another town Urgup for the main place of departure.

Cappadocia is chilly at dawn even its summer season. Honestly I had a rough night and a headache for drinking Polish vodka a night before. There are a lot of travel agencies in Cappadocia. You can book a day before and pay in cash before or after the ride. The trip last for 60mins.


dsc_0502-1Overall, it was a smooth ride and an enjoyable experience you’ll never forget. This is a must-do in Cappadocia. Some might find it expensive but its really worth-it. Traveling is costly but you can travel also on a budget like what we did. After the ride, there is champagne toasting and a certificate as your souvenir. After they will drop you off around 8:00am and by that time you can prepare for your next tour. Tours like Green tour, Red and Blue. We chose Green tour.If you read some articles , the history of Cappadocia, it means “land of beautiful horses”. A place formed from volcanic eruption millions of years ago. As of now there is no active volcano in Cappadocia

dsc_0790This is Uchisar up close. As part of or Green tour, this is our last stop. Across this view, you can find the famous Onyx Stone factory where they will demonstrate how jewelries, handicrafts made of Onyx is made. One thing I learned was, to know the difference between a marble and an Onyx stone. Marble if put under the light, will not create or reflect while Onyx the light will reflect.

Some travelers, they rent scooters for 8 hours and drive from Goreme to other towns like Avanos, Nevsehir and to here in Uchisar.


The Derinkuyu is an underground city. Its a massive scale of digging done during the Byzantine Era where Turkish people stayed during war times during Muslim Arab invaders. This is also a part of our Green Tour located in Nevsehir Province. It can accommodate 20,000 people . They have school, graveyard, Living rooms, kitchens, and storage of foods. Imagin those years without modern equipments, how did they dig this place. An amazing discovery.

dsc_0631This is how it looks like when packed of tourist. It is chilly down. Our tour guide explained that when hot outside, the cave will be cooler and the opposite when cold outside its warmer.


dsc_0103As soon as we reached our hostel, I took this shot! This is the view from the roof top terrace of our hostel.

Amazing right? You’ll not be disappointed wherever you will stay in Cappadocia. One thing… you need to experience staying in some Cave rooms of hostels or hotels. It was very cold, I mean for us coming from a tropical country and working in Middle East, so it’s cold.



Ihlara Valley (often misspelled as Ilhara Valley),this is the deepest part of the valley where tourist do the hiking . Considered to be one of the things to do and one of the very stunning view in Cappadocia. The valley has alot of cave churches but as of this time it is the home of pigeons. The valley has churches but we did not continue to hike there . It was like we have only one hour and 30mins and to take 14kms. hike that was not that possible. Melendiz River in Ihlara Valley, surrounded by Walnut trees and Apricot. It was a fine day walking.\After a long hike, as part of the Green tour, we had lunch by the river. I ordered grilled fish Trout while Charo opted for a dish like beef stew with tomatoes, green bell pepper with yellow rice.


dsc_0775-1Selime Monastery is the biggest monastery in Cappadocia and one of the interesting place to visit. It took hundred of years to build this monastery and it can accommodate thousands of people back then. Now you can still find some areas with complete structure but others were just remains of how magnificent this place was. The view from the top was amazing.

dsc_0297It was past 3pm when we reached Goreme, and we headed to Goreme Open Air Museum. Admission fee cost 20 Turkish Lira. The place is just walking distance from the main town. Be sure to be there before 5pm, along the way you can see a lot of restaurants, travel agencies where you can book for balloon tour, and many other activities.

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