Once Upon a Time – Neuschwanstein Castle

Once upon a time during my college days, I opened a book in the architecture section of the library and saw this castle and its history- Neuschwanstein Castle. I was fascinated by its structure and years later I found out that the Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle was almost similar to this castle. That thought about the castle faded until year 2014 when I planned on visiting Munich and I was searching on the things I can do or see, I saw that there is a day trip to this castle offered by Sandeman’s New Europe Tours for 37€.

I bought the tour and went with Englih/Spanish group. The ride took us more that two hours going to a village of Hohenschwangau. It is in the state of Bavaria. The ride was scenic. It was my first time in Europe and Munich was my first stop. I never anticipated the autumn season in Europe to be that cold but the surrounding was lovely; very colorful. You can see from the main road the castle. It was like below the mountains on a top of a rock.


dsc_0503We reach the Hohenschwangau village almost noon. We had our brunch there. Mostly sausages, chips (french fries), bread and grilled chicken. The village is at its modern state. Houses, cafes, restaurants, hotels souvenir shops were renovated but it remained its Bavarian charm.

The village is simple yet very beautiful. Very close to nature with mountains and lakes. You can see from the top of the Neuschwanstein Castle the Alpsee and Schwansee lakes.They have museum but it was closed when we visited.  Aside from the Neuschwanstein Castle, there is Hohenschwangau Castle which is the first castle and was built by the father- King Maximillian II of Bavaria. It was not included on the price of the tour to visit the Hohenschwangau castle. It’s a shade of brick red roof tops and yellow brownish color castle.

Going to Neuschwanstein Castle, you can hike or take a the horse carriage for a very affordable price. I walked uphill, the thrill and experience on climbing is irreplaceable. When I reached the castle, I can honestly say that its unparalleled beauty. I wonder how did people lived there or how did they construct such masterpiece in a very steep part of the the mountain which appears now at our time to be a fairy-tale like castle on its picturesque location.

It is NOT allowed to take pictures inside the castle, but some tourist took some shots on silent mode using their mobile.To describe the interior of the castle, mostly its narrow. The doors are of medieval times, short and narrow, the rooms are small also with solid wood carve furniture, kitchen with all sort of copper cooking equipment, the King’s hall is painted with saints and angels on the ceiling with a gold-crystal chandelier, the passageways are really narrow. Over all, it one of the best during its time. The view is really amazing. I wonder why most castles were built on a hill or a higher ground sort of overlooking, just they love to see the view from up there.

This Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most beautiful castle and visited castle in the world. This was built as per King Ludwig II’s love of operas, poetry and artistry and known as  the Mad King due to his lavish spending of money and in great debts. I cannot believe that I was just reading this once on a book and on the internet and there I was,  been inside the walls, climbed the stairs and took pictures of everything I can . Like I child I was, dreams do come true.

Autumn season plays an important role in my photography. Vibrant colors of the trees adds up to the beautiful picture of the castle.  The  bridge known as Marie bridge which gets really crowded is where you can capture best angle of the castle. One day is enough to visit the town of Hohenschwangau and its surrounding including the castles.

Make that one day to live like a Queen or King.


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  1. I agree. This is a beautiful castle set in beautiful surroundings. I traveled there this fall and I enjoyed my stay. Truly lovely. Check out my photos of the castles I visited in Bavaria. Use the search feature and plug in Munich or Bavaria.

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