Camotes Islands

Its time to write about the places I have visited in Philippines. I will start with the islands that I have visited for the past years.

I stumbled upon Camotes Islands while searching for islands nearby Cebu City. Camotes Islands are group of islands which are very accessible to Cebu City. The islands are Poro, Pacijan, Ponson and Tulang.  From Cebu City you can take a bus and jeepney going to Danao Port and from there, you will take a ferry to Consuelo Port of Pacijan Island. You can also take from Cebu Port directly to Poro Port- Poro Island.

I fell in love with the swaying coconut trees and the rock formations around the island. Not only its crystal clear blue waters but what I like is, its not a crowded party beach and there are caves and lakes around to visit. A total relaxation.

Mangodlong Beach Resort

We stayed in Magodlong Beach Resort which is few kilometers away from the Consuelo Port. The resort was very beautiful, small, laid-back, simple on its own design with native coconut tree-like houses and the rooms were perfectly clean with wooden furniture. The service was great, food and the atmosphere is totally inviting.

The rock formations in the island and in Mangodlong Resort are rough and sharp that can cut you off. Still, that makes the resort look fantastic.The sandbar is not totally a pure sand, it appears to look like white sand but its a broken corals and shells that turned into finer grains by time and weather. Its a bit difficult to walk going to the beach or even on the beach itself because of sharp stones and shells, better wear some slippers or any feet protective gear.

The Mangodlong Beach Resort has few rooms and they have an on going resort expansion. The native wooden huts looks pretty. At night they have a local artist who renders songs while having dinner. There were Dutch and some Italians visiting the resort while we were there. They visited the island as per what mentioned on the guide book and they were not disappointed at all.

There are are many thing to do in Camotes Islands. Along with other travelers, we rented   a mini open multicab to visit the Bulikat Cave in Polo Island Cebu, visiting the Buho Rock resort in Poro Island for its cliff view, swimming in Timubo Cave Pacijan Island, fishing in Lake Danao, lunch at Baywalk trail and dinner in Santiago Bay Resort.

Bukilat Cave

Bukilat Cave is huge and very airy. There are three or more openings from above where the sun can penetrate and makes the cave bright. During the rainy season, water filled the cave creating a shallow pools. There are cemented stairs so it will comfortable with visitors to go down and the rest they keep it as it is to preserve its pristine beauty.

Timubo Cave

Timubo Cave is a challenge. The opening is very narrow and its very humid inside. Those who are claustrophobic, this is not a place for you. The steps are also wet and very slippery. Thankful that they put lights inside. It is worth it going down sweating, at the end you can dip into the very enchanting , clear, cool-refreshing pool. It was my first time to dip into a cave pool.

We have some stops along the way for some local delicacies and there is an old church with a Virgin Mary grotto which was closed (forgot the name).

Buho Rock is an abandoned resort and now open for public interest. The rock formations and the view of the ocean makes this place on your list to visit in Camotes. As of now they added some features like I ♥ Buho Rock and some cliff diving.

Buho Rock

Baywalk is a place where you can have a good Filipino barbecue and some other refreshments.

San Francisco- Baywalk

The next day we went to have lunch in Santiago Bay Garden Resort in San Francisco Area. The beach line has white powdery sand and there are no rock formations at all. The Resort is overlooking to the beach and here you can find many choices of accommodations and restaurants.

San Fancisco Bay- Camotes Islands

Before the day ends, we visited Lake Danao where we bought two kilos of freshly caught Tilapia fishes and brought it in a resort for some grilling and sweet & sour dish. Nowadays, they offer some water sports like kayaking. Don’t worry about the prices such as cost of food, entrance fees and food in Camotes islands, everything is affordable.

Lake Danao

Camotes is really an interesting place to include on your bucket list when visiting Philippines.

pristine beauty
Don’t Miss this!
perfect relaxation

As of now, when I search the Mangodlong Beach Resort, it grew into a more developed resort, widening the sand bar, adding more rooms/cottages, bigger swimming pool and more facilities. Yes they’re providing more comfortable stay at the resort but for me the beauty of the swaying coconut tress and the sandbar that you can access the beach was gone. Still beautiful but, well….we have our own choices of idyllic beaches.

Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish – Danao City

Before going back to Cebu City, while in Danao don’t forget to visit the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish. It was constructed in 1755 and suffered a great destruction during the World War II. Reconstruction started during 1981 and was finished by year 1985. It is one of the oldest church in the Philippines.

Its more fun in the Philippines.Enjoy your travels:-)

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  1. Nice post! I want to thank you for “travelling” through my blog [and for the follow] but I can’t find the comment section in your “about” page.

    So I explored more of your site… and found the Philippines 🙂
    I’m a proud Pinoy so i’m glad to post my first comment [in your blog] here.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! Salamat ng marami.

        Malakas yung feeling ko na Pinay ka. Pero nahiya akong tanungin so pinahirapan ko muna sarili ko na mag-english 🙂

        Bilib ako sa mga katulad mo na nakakapagtravel while working. And salamat sa pag share… sa Pilipinas pa lang ang nauna kong tinignan sa website mo pero sulit kaagad, marami akong nakita na hindi ko akalaing meron pala dito sa atin.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Flying Fish Resort warning: we booked a Seaview Cottage room for $52 for a weekend trip at the , arrived after a long journey, and they put us in a tiny moldy room (with lots of insects crawling around) in the back of the property – without saying anything about how we had paid for a better room. I then asked (had to ask repeatedly to get an admission that we didn’t get the room we paid for) about the “Seaview” cottage, and they finally told us they sold it to someone else. It looks like a large group came in and they “bumped” us. No loss for them; too bad for us.

    We then had to wait for a very long while for the manager to wake up and talk to us, and he couldn’t care less that we traveled the long journey or that we made a prepaid reservation. No apology at all. Then he gave us a refund, but used the bad hotel exchange rate (we paid online in USD) – so we lost money on the reservation itself. And of course, we had to pay for transportation to their remote location twice (there’s not even a sign outside their resort, so we missed it the first time) and wasted hours overall dealing with this mess.

    The worst part was the manager’s attitude: he didn’t offer any help in finding another hotel. His attitude was of absolute indifference and didn’t care to apologize for screwing us. We wasted the rest of the day to find another hotel. Thanks, Flying Fish, for ruining our weekend vacation and our Camotes experience. They cheated us out of a prepaid reservation. They’re just greedy people who don’t care anything about customers or honesty. Seriously, trying to pass off a basic moldy dirty room hoping that we wouldn’t notice that we paid for a better room facing the sea? Oh, and they do false advertising in their listing online – they don’t have WiFi. What kind of people run a business this way??

    Horrible customer service and a terrible manager.


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