Dracula’s Castle – Bran, Romania

We hear different kinds of stories since we were kids about magical creatures and beyond our dream fantasies. We love to hear fairy tale stories with happily ever after ending, heroic bravery of magical kingdoms, fairies, angels, unicorns and all those medieval knights. But, among these stories, we are very intrigued about vampires, demons, supernaturals and we are most familiar of the name Dracula or Count Dracula. yes, it is scary and hearing strange stories will give you ghost bumps. We all experienced celebrating tricks & treat during Halloween, participating in masquerade parties and competitions of best Halloween costume. Nowadays, writers or book authors and entertainment or film industries are very welcoming to the story about vampires and sometimes it is a big box office in the film industry.

Okay, so whether it is a hearsay, a legend, a myth, about vampires, whatever we see in the movies and we read on some papers, news and old scriptures, no one really know if its true or not but Dracula’s castle do really exist.

Bran Castle

The Dracula story was made famous by an Irish Author Bram Stoker in his novel Dracula. He never visited Romania at all and yet in his novel he describe Dracula as a centuries-old vampire living on a castle perched above the hill overlooking a town, with a beautiful gorge. The Bran Castle, is the only castle that fits the exact description  in the novel and thus people used to call the Bran castle as Dracula’s castle.

Bran Castle

The royal family who lived there on those medieval times, were the family of Prince Vlad Tepes, a ruler of  Walachia (Romania) was the son of Vlad II or Vlad the Dragon /Vlad Dracul.  Prince Vlad has been nicknamed Vlad II the Impaler due to his gruesome murderers, and sadist acts. The name Vlad Dracula, for some reason is not associated to the Dracula story of Bram Stoker but from his fathers name Vlad Dracul,  Dracul means the dragon or the devil since his father is a member of an order who fought the Ottoman Empire invasion. The people used to call him Vlad Dracula from “son of dracul”, son of the dragon, son of the devil in Romanian.

Taken from one of Bran Castle’s balcony

The Bran Castle or Dracula Castle is locate in the town of Bran. If you are staying in Brasov as your base, you can catch a bus to Bran that will drop you opposite road of the castle. There is a schedule of the buses departing from Brasov to Bran and return. I arrived at the station on a cold morning taking the first bus to Bran. While waiting for my departure, I had some breakfast on the bus terminal; a coffee and a sausage roll bread.


Entrance fee to Bran castle is 35Lei (Romanian Leu / Lei), equivalent to 8$. The good thing about Bran castle is that you can take many pictures. From the ticket booth takes a few metres hike uphill to the castle. It was so cold and so windy. Outside the gate of the castle,you can find restaurants, ATM machines, banks, exchange shops, souvenir shops. It is a place where you can find something to keep from Bran castle.

Entrance to Bran Castle

The Bran Castle or Dracula’s castle is narrow and tall in structure. Low ceiling and furniture are made of solid dark woods. On the entrance you can see a picture of Queen Marie of Romania- She’s so beautiful. On year 2014, it was rumored that the Castle is for sale but the royal house of Habsburg in Austria, who is the present owner of the castle dismissed all reports.

Here are more pictures inside the castle:

One day visit to Bran Castle is enough to relive the mystery. This is one of the place that you should not miss while traveling to Romania.

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  1. Bran Castle is beautiful to visit, but Vlad Tepes didn’t spend as much time there as Bram Stoker’s novel makes us think. I think Stoker chose the castle mostly because of its appearance and Gothic elements that made it look eery.

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