Omani Sunshine

Middle East Map

Summer in the Middle East can be very frustrating. The weather is very consistent with only two seasons, summer and winter. Rain passes twice or thrice a year. Summer is from May till the last week of October. Winter is last week of October to April. When you say winter, these are cooler months and in some parts of some countries, with freezing temperature, snow and sometimes hail storm.

Welcome to the Sultanate of Oman

There are few places you can go and some activities you can do to escape the scorching heat. One popular get away is visiting the nearby cities or towns of Salalah Oman, Khasab or Musandam from Dubai. You don’t need a visa if you are a resident of UAE, you only need to bring your original passport, and copies with the UAE visa and your Emirates ID card.

Somewhere in the border

You can also apply online for evisa. For more Oman visa information click here.

My friends and I went to visit Khasab, Oman for a day trip. Khasab is the main town of Musamdam. This part of Oman-Musandam is separated from the mainland Sultanate of Oman, it is within the borders of Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah UAE, occupying the tip of Arabian Peninsula, separated by Strait of Hormuz from Iran. The border crossing from Dubai is between Dibba Al Fujairah on UAE side and Dibba Al Hisn on Oman side.

Musandam on the map!
on the way to the Fort
Deep ocean, vast sea
Small speedboat of locals- On our way to the port

At the port, there are many boat companies who cater many types of tour packages. Some rented the full boat for a one or two nights stay while others prefer cruising, barbecue camping at the beach and others just for a day trip.

Dhow Cruise6
Life aboard an Omani Dhow boat
Dhow Cruise4
Life aboard an Omani Dhow boat

While cruising through the Gulf of Oman and Strait of Hormuz, you can see small fishing villages. Places around this part of the world looks isolated and seems cut off from the outside world but as the hours pass by, the sound of the boat, the waves and the passing birds are the only noise that disturbs the tranquility of the this modest life.

Village somewhere in Musandam Oman
Village somewhere in Musandam Oman
Village somewhere in Musandam Oman
Village somewhere in Musandam Oman

The dhow tour will take you to see Musandam Fjords and the view is spectacular in its own way. You will  be cruising around Shamm Peninsula and Maqlab Al Bahri. Within this Fjords, you will see the Telegraph Island, Seebi Island and Jazirat Shamm.

Oman Fjords3
Somewhere in Musandam Fjords
Oman Fjords1
Somewhere in Musandam Fjords

Mountains in the Middle East are unlike any mountain, these are desert mountains, situated in sandy flat barren lands, very stiff and ragged, Yet, the images shows a very contrasting wonders of nature.

Oman Fjords4
Islands around Musandam
Oman Fjords2
Somewhere in Musandam Fjords
Oman Fjords5
Somewhere in Musandam Fjords

If you are lucky , you’ll be able to see some dolphins along the way.

A Dhow boat, is a definition of the sailing boats used by Arabs and Indians in year BC. Dhow Cruise at Musandam includes traditional Omani lunch buffet, unlimited fresh fruits, coffee, tea and other cold drinks. The boat is quipped with facilities such as toilet/bath,changing rooms, cabins, roof deck for viewing and mini kitchen.

Dhow Boat viewing deck
Dhow Boat
Musandam Oman
Day Trippers

There are parts of the island where the boat will dock for snorkeling and swimming.

Swimming at Musandam Oman
Swimming at Musandam Oman

Banana boat ride, fun thing to do!

Banana Boat Ride3
Banana Boat Ride at Musandam
Banana Boat Ride2
Banana Boat Ride at Musandam
Banana Boat Ride1
Banana Boat Ride at Musandam
Banana Boat Ride4
Banana Boat Ride at Musandam
Banana Boat Ride Experience
Banana Boat Ride at Musandam
Oman Sea1
Oman Sea8
Other Dhow Boats
Oman Sea3
Beautiful Musandam
Oman Sea5
Oman Sea2
Oman Sea7
Another Dhow Boat
Oman Sea4
Picturesque Musandam
Musandam Experience
Musandam Trip
A tour like this is really worth it.
Oman Sunset1
Sunset at Musandam Oman
Oman Sunset2
Sunset at Musandam Oman- Mosque
Oman Sunset3
Sunset at Musandam Oman- Some locals playing cricket
Sunset at Oman
Sunset at Musandam Oman

Tour starts at 7am from pick up points and will last till 5pm. Transportation will be buses or mini vans. The travel from Dubai to Fujairah takes 2 or 3 hours (mostly).

It was a great trip. Perfect for weekend getaway or if you are looking for a place to go within a day or two while you are in Dubai, then this must be on your to-do-list.

Enjoy travelling 🙂

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  1. Such gorgeous photos, Tess, and a lovely account of your time in Oman. I was born in Salalah and lived for the first 8 years of my life there, so it is a part of the world that I have a pronounced weakness for. Someday I want to get back and refresh my childhood memories of it.

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