Someone Stole My Passport

I did not write for many months about the places I have visited, foods I ate but some pictures I have posted on my Instagram page.

Now, I guess I have to share my experience and paperworks that I have done when I realized my passport was stolen.

Okay, why and how did they able to steal it?..

Last April and May I went to visit countries in Europe and on my last two days in Barcelona Spain,  my passport was stolen by unidentified man. I was on my way to Park Guell (past 7:30am) since I have paid at 8:00am entry to the Monumental Core and 10:00am to Gaudi House Museum.


I was holding my phone looking for the metro schedule on Liceu Metro La Rambla, my camera was hanging on my neck and a black handbag on my right shoulder.

Inside my black bag was a small purse or like wallet organizer with cash, bank cards, ID’s, passport and other small personal items. That PURSE was STOLEN. I was busy on my phone and I noticed a sudden movement on my bag like a light…very light sway, and to my horror I found the zipper has been opened. I looked behind me … and around me.. no one…. but I noticed a guy walking and running so fast on one of the narrow streets. It was easy to distinguished because it was early in the morning and the streets were not yet crowded with vendors and tourists.

Liceu Subway Station

I went directly to the nearest police station. A couple was there also reporting for their bag was also stolen. I sent a message to my HR/company telling them I was robbed… which supposed to be stolen and not robbed. I told my situation and since I do not have cash or any cards at all with me I was and I am grateful that they supported me financially. The police officer told me that they are facing these crisis of pick pockets and bag thieves in Barcelona. After the police report has been issued, I called the emergency hotline of Philippine Embassy in Madrid and they told me to come and they will issue a Travel Document.

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia

That unlucky day, I was not able to go to Park Guell, Gaudi Museum and for the Nativity Tower of Sagrada Familia which I already paid since I took the night bus Barcelona to Zaragoza and Zaragoza to Madrid. The rest of what I did on that few hours in Barcelona will be on my next post.

Next day I arrived at the Philippine Embassy Madrid and they issued me a Travel Document on the same day. I thought I can enter Dubai after presenting the documents at UAE Embassy in Madrid with all the hassle of translating the police report into Arabic but they told me I have to go back in Philippines and obtain a new passport. Submit all my documents to UAE Embassy Manila to obtain an entry permit back to Dubai.

What about my work?

Yes, that is the problem now, at the time of writing this, I am here in Manila for 2 months now. I am expecting to receive the entry permit this week and I hope there won’t be any more delays. Up to this time, the management of the company where I am (currently as per my active UAE visa) working is still waiting for me. I have heard stories, that if it is other company, they might not wait for me anymore. One thing I can be proud about the management and work colleagues on situation like this and emergencies, they did not let me down not only me but also the rest of the employees.

I know this situation happened as well to other travellers, tourists or backpackers. Losing your passport abroad is such a nightmare!

Another thing that made me frustrated and sad was the fact that I lost all the stamps and visas that I have obtained on my travels.

I will update about the processing of documents and as soon as I get my permit from UAE Embassy Manila.

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  1. Barcelona and around is reputaded for that … friends of mine were stolen in the hotel room ( first floor) papers cash passports and also glasses !

    hope youre still well


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