Guide to Cairo for A Solo Female Traveller

I have heard and read many reviews and forums on how men can be very friendly, persuasive and annoying in Egypt. Yes, that’s true. They will try to talk to you, follow you while you are walking, offer you something, will ask you for a cup of coffee, lunch, etc. The best way to avoid is, dress properly, avoid  wearing revealing clothes or showing too much skin, just say thank you and avoid longer talks, say you are not interested at all, or you are married or meeting a boyfriend or going to meet your friends on the opposite street where you are heading. Better be safe than sorry.

View of Cairo

What are the things you can do or sights to see in Cairo?

1.) Historic Downtown

Talaat Harb Street business district
Talaat Harb Street

I stayed  near Talaat Harb Square, a walking distance to Sadat Metro in Tahrir Square. The street is a historic place in downtown Cairo, where you can see the remains of European architecture- French architecture during the 19th century. It is a business hub, streets lined with shops, chic restaurants and boutique hotels.

The Egyptian Diplomatic Club on Talaat Harb Street
The Egyptian Diplomatic Club on Talaat Harb Street (Historic Downtown)

2.) Visit The Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum
Egyptian Museum

Known also as the Museum of Cairo which is a walking distance from the historic down town and the Nile River or Nile Corniche. The total mount if you want to see most of the artifacts is 170LE or EGP ( Egyptian Pound) or 9.7$US. In French it is “Livre Egyptienne (LE)”. You can check more information by clicking here.

3.) Travel back in Time by visiting Coptic Cairo

Coptic Cairo is a part of Old Cairo which used to be the place where Christian Egyptians built their community before the Islamic Era on the 18th and early 19th century. Coptic Cairo has many churches and historical sites. These are few of the historical sites to see which I have posted earlier here.

  • St. George Church
  • Babylon Fortress
  • The Coptic Museum
  • The Hanging Church
  • Cavern Church
  • The Tomb of El Hawry
  • Chaplet of St. George
  • Bacchus and Abu Serguis Church
  • Jewish Synagogue

4.) Armenian Church In Downtown Cairo

Armenian Church (1)
Armenian Church In Downtown Cairo

While walking around the streets, you can find this church tuck in one side of the road surrounded by buildings of old and new.

5.) The Mosque of Amr ibn al-As

Cairo 1
The Mosque of Amr ibn

The Mosque of Amr ibn al-As located near the Old Coptic Cairo.

6.) Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower

There is a difference with the entrance fees in Cairo. Twice more than the entrance fees of locals. For Cairo Tower, I paid 70EGP/8$ for an entrance fee. Cairo Tower has been the tallest structure in Egypt and the funds for the construction of it comes from the US Government which served as a gift to Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. If you want to see the Cairo, then better go to this place.

7.) Saladin Citadel

Saladin Citadel
Saladin Citadel

The Saladin Citadel of Cairo is one of the highlight of visiting Cairo. It is located  a bit far on the downtown Cairo and you can join a tour or take a taxi going there. I will discuss more about that on another post.

8.) Khan El Khalili

Khan El khalili
Khan El Khalili

This is one of the best part of every trip, or I guess for me, I love buying a lot of stuff, souvenirs and be in place such as souq/souk. Cairo is cheap place if you wanna buy some souvenirs such as tea sets. her in Khan El- Khalili, you can get the best of everything from rugs, bags, copper or brass plates or tea sets and incense and other leather items. Just be prepare to bargain. Prices of each stuff that I bought: Copper display plate – 5$, Egyptian mug-2$, Keychains at 0.6$, sythethic bag with Egyptian deisgn -9$, T Shirts- 6$ and many more.

9.) Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo
Henna Tattoo

Try some Henna tattoo around Khan El Kalili for as low as 1$.

10.) El Fishawy Coffee Shop

Al Fishawy
El Fishawy Coffee Shop
El Fishawy with Sayed (2).jpg
with Sayed at El Fishawy

A local friend of mine took me to this coffee shop which is hard to find in the center of the souk. It is a good place for Shisha, meeting local people and this shop has been around for more than hundred years old.

I know there are many places to visit aside from what I have mentioned.

Share you Cairo experience/s.

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