Another Day in Ljubljana

I don’t know what took me so long to write the other part of my short visit to Ljubljana. The rest of my stay in Ljubljana was blessed with a pleasant weather and some activities that made the town packed of families and tourist.

I never expected this town to be so lovely. It is good to have a tour guide around the town but I prefer to wander around on foot. If you have a map, then it is very easy to navigate the landmarks or attractions marked on the map.

Let me share some of my pictures:

Hercules Fountain (Herkulov Vodnjak)

Hercules Fountain (1)
Hercules Fountain (Herkulov Vodnjak)
Hercules Fountain (2)
Hercules Fountain (Herkulov Vodnjak)

This is located in the middle of  Stari Trg and Levstikov Trg. It is a small fountain surrounded by Baroque and modern architectures of  houses and buildings.

Ljubljanica River

One of the best things about Autumn, the vibrant colors of the trees…
Ljubljanica River

One of the things you must do in Ljubljana is the boat trip in Ljubljana River. The boat ride takes 45 minutes and it cost 8€. You can check for more detailed info here.

Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle (1)
Ljubljana Castle
Ljubljana Castle (3)
View of Ljubljana Castle
Ljubljana Castle (2)
Cafes by the riverside with backdrop of Ljubljana Castle

The castle is the most iconic landmark of Ljubljana. You can take the cable carriage from the main market for 4€/ return trip which will take you to the castle walls. Prices of visiting the castle with funicular and tour guide ranges from 10€ -15€. There are shops such as cafes, gallery shops & exhibitions. Castle hosts for festivals, celebrations and events at its courtyard. You can rent also the castle for your wedding reception.

Robba Fountain

Robba Fountain (2)
Robba Fountain
Robba Fountain (1)
Robba Fountain – inspired by Fountain in Piazza Navona Rome
Robba Fountain and Ljubljana Castle
at Ljubljana – Robba Fountain and view of the Castle

Robba fountain was built on 17th century by Francesco Robba which, he was inspired to make it same with the fountain in Piazza Navona Italy. This is one of the most recognizable landmark in Ljubljana. The fountain is situation in front of the Town Hall in the center of the Town square

Canonry Houses

Canonry House
Canonry House

The Canonry houses in Ljubljana with Baroque architecture and some has renaissance decorated windows.

Philharmonic Academy

Philmarmonic Academy
Arts & Music

Ljubljana University

Ljubljana University (2)

Ljubljana University (1)

The University of Ljubljana is one of the largest in Europe and its the biggest in Slovenia. It was built on the 19th century and located in Congress Square.

Town Hall in Stari Trg Square

Town Hall

Stari Trg Square

Stari trg Square

Stari Trg Square means “old town”. It is a market place and where you can find souvenir shops and cafes. They have daily stalls for any sort of items, like a flea market where you can find some used books for (1€) and less. The town hall is infront of the famous Robba Fountain.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral (1)
St. Nicholas Cathedral
St. Nicholas Cathedral (5)
Interior of St. Nicholas’ Cathedral
St. Nicholas Cathedral (4)
Bronze Door- Statues of History
St. Nicholas Cathedral (2)
Bronze Door- Carved Faces

St. Nicholas Cathedral can be seen from the Dragon Bridge with its mint green dome and light yellow orange paint. This is an example of a Gothic church during the 18th century but the exterior was modern design of 19th and 20th century. There are two big doors. The facade of the  first door is made of Bronze carved faces of bishops and the other door is statues commemorating the history of Slovenia. The interior of the Cathedral with its ceiling and altar are all polished with gold and bronze color showing the renaissance designs.

The Butcher’s Bridge

The Butcher's Bridge (1)
The Butcher’s Bridge
The Butcher's Bridge (4)
Kids playing around – The Butcher’s Bridge

“Butcher’s Bridge is a very unusual bridge with grotesque statues of different forms. Skulls, frogs, and other unfamiliar forms of art are on display on the bridge. There are locks on this bridge. Butcher and love locks?

St. Nicholas, butcher's bridge and Stari Trg Slovenia
St. Nicholas, butcher’s bridge and Stari Trg Slovenia



Try to visit some parks – Tivoli Park, Botanic Garden, Volcji Arboretum and Argentina Park.

Ljubljana at night
Ljubljana at night.

For other nearby European countries, Ljubljana is a perfect get away for two or three days. One souvenir that amuses me is the painted Beehive panels depicting the life or the old ways and living of Slovenians. Per piece cost 5€- 8€ and you can find it in any souvenir shops.

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